An Introduction to Permonth Looking After The Nations High Mileage Driver with the Best Lease Deals

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It’s 6am. You’ve probably just got up and dressed in the dark. There is a client who will be ready and waiting for you at 9 o’ clock. But that is not your first challenge of the day. You grab your car keys knowing full well that you have got endless miles of Motorway to negotiate and you’re praying that today is the day where there isn’t any traffic hold ups. Oh! Guess what….. There’s a delay. Great…

My name is Sam Nailor and I am a Sales Executive at Permonth (and now Chief Blogger apparently!) I have been here for the past 18 months (commuting in excess of 35,000 miles in the process) and what you have just read was my short introduction into the life of a High Mileage Driver. I’m sure it will sound at least vaguely familiar to those of you who have found this article, as you probably wouldn’t have been searching for a ‘High Mileage Driver’ article if you were the kind of motorist who leases a Fiat Panda on a 6000 mile per annum deal to poodle around town in.   Anyway, you are through the traffic hold up now.

You’ve rendezvoused with your client or made it into the office. It only added 150 miles to your odometer. Except you do this every day. Maybe you have got another client to go to after this? And all in the car that you have to fund yourself. Jean Paul Getty, American Industrialist and Founder of Getty Oils once advised that “If it appreciates, buy it. If it depreciates, lease it” this is a quote that I think can definitely be applied to us High Mileage Motorway Men and Women. Why fork out a hefty lump sum up front for a motor when we just drive the value out of them so quickly! Unfortunately, the stumbling block with leasing a car is the majority of companies limit the mileage to between 6-12k miles for the best prices and if you want to do any more than that than the costs start to get a bit ridiculous.

This is where Permonth comes in to look after the nations High Mileage Driver. There is nowhere else where you can get an Unlimited Mileage Lease with unrivalled flexibility that puts the motorists needs first. It is undoubtedly the best lease deal for anyone who does more than the average mileage, but that doesn’t mean it is the best lease deal for everyone. By focusing purely on our target audience and not trying to branch out and lease to the whole of Britains motoring public we are able to provide the best possible service which includes:

  • Free 5 Day Nationwide Delivery performed by a member of the knowledgeable Sales Team rather than a random man in a high visibility jacket!
  • Friendly Customer Support through Phone and E-Mail 7 days a week
  • The Best Unlimited Mileage Lease deal out there with Low Deposits, No Balloon Payments, Flexible Term between 25-60 months, 2 Year Warranty and Breakdown Cover, 1st Years Road Tax

For full details about Permonth, make sure to click over to as if you’ve made it this far into this article I’m probably correct in assuming that you are one of the nations High Mileage Drivers and searching for your perfect motoring solution and Best Lease Deals Please feel free to share this article on Facebook or Twitter or any Social Network with your friends, colleagues, family, anyone who does A LOT of driving   Thanks for reading.   Sam Nailor

Next weeks Heading: On the Road – The Story of a Permonth Delivery

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