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Formula E is off the starting grid

Author: Clickgreen staff

Formula E is off the starting grid 

Formula 1 has had a few competitors over the years but so far none have come close to taking its crown in the world of motorsport. Remember the A1 Grand Prix? That started off well and lasted a few seasons, incorporating plenty of good ideas but ultimately failed due to a number of reasons in 2009.

Just over five years later and Formula E has finished its first season as it becomes the latest to challenge F1. Using fully electric racing cars it aims to spread a green message, showcase innovation and improve the environment while presenting exciting races too.


In Formula E’s first season each driver had to use the same car which provided a real balance, avoiding claims that it is the car and not the driver that won, which is often the case with F1. The green technology used for all these cars is Formula E’s main strength and while impressive, compared to F1 vehicles they are lagging behind.

There are various models of F1 cars with a top speed of around 233mph and doing 0-62mph in 1.7 seconds. Formula E’s one car is almost 100mph slower, with a maximum speed of 137mph and doing 0-62mph in 3.0 seconds.

Race Locations

At the moment Formula E only have ten races per season but they still managed to hold races in four different continents. All the races also take place in inner cities.. This was a great move to instantly attract fans and get them out to watch the races as, unlike F1, nobody needed to travel to tracks on the edge of big cities.

Formula One does still have the glamour of using world famous race tracks and with 19 races a season visit a few more countries. As Formula E grows however it is bound to expand into more regions.

The Drivers

Big names in motorsport have already been attracted to Formula E including Audi and Renault, along with huge names backing teams like Richard Branson and Leonardo di Caprio. The drivers come from all over the world and unlike F1 there are two females behind the wheel, showing it as a progressive sport.

Formula One has a mix of drivers too from various worldwide locations with plenty of powerful people behind it. It’s still early days and F1 is sure to dominate for the next five years at least. With increasing innovation and if they can build up a greater audience, Formula E could one day be king of motorsports.


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